One in a Billion

China’s economic miracle has amazed and fascinated viewers all over the world. Vivum is in production with a Feature doc about the some of China’s richest men and women the billionaire entrepreneurs who are driving the economic growth.

Parts of the film have already been trailed on the BBC Web site

The 21st Century is likely to become the Chinese Century, just as the last belonged to the United States. But we know nothing about China’s key business people. Who are they? What are their ambitions? Will they be despots like John D Rockefeller or benign figures like Henry Ford? Will they be isolationist or want to educate their children at Western schools?

We all of us own Chinese goods, and we all understand that in a world of limited resources the rise of China could mean the fall of Western economies. This film is about the people who could determine our fate.

Nick Rosen Books