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Media is said to be dumbing down, but Vivum is dumbing up, with content across print, TV, radio and Web. Our mission is to deliver smart ideas with world-class production values.

Our work covers an eclectic range, always of global interest and impeccably produced. We create documentary films, books and web sites about social trends  – whether that be a survey of next-generation eco-lifestyles or going inside the world of Chinese billionaires. We also syndicate our work to web sites around the world.

We have a series currently being transmitted on BBC World, about China’s super-rich.  See clips on the BBC web site.  We have proposals under discussion for new ways of covering current affairs on TV and radio, and are developing a series about living “off the grid” – self-sufficient for energy, water and sewage.

Watch the series, CHINA’S SUPER-RICH on BBC WORLD on JAN 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th. Or preview it on the BBC Web site at

See our web-site, THE OFF-GRID ZINE at We are shortly  launching a new web site about food.


Vivum has a long track record in Feature docs. The company is currently producing a series about China’s Top Entrepreneurs for BBC World

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New Media

From web sites to TV films to multimedia e-books, all our content is created with the purpose of being reusable across other media than the one it was primarily created for

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Vivum writers have published books, web sites, newspaper articles, and corporate reports. We provide a confidential speech-writing service which numbers several leading politicians and business executives amongst our clients.

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